Gabriel Hardman Process Art for Army of Darkness #1


I’m so happy with life

Cover art, release date and specs revealed for Olive Films’ Moontrap Blu-ray.

Independent U.S. distributors Olive Films have detailed their upcoming Blu-ray release of director Robert Dyke’s Moontrap (1989), starring Walter Koenig, Bruce Campbell, and Leigh Lombardi. The release will be available for purchase on November 18th.

SYNOPSIS: A 1980s cult classic, Moontrap stars Bruce Campbell (The Evil Dead) and Walter Koenig (Star Trek’s original Chekov) as astronauts sent to the moon to investigate evidence of what appears to be signs of human life. They reanimate the body of a woman (Leigh Lombardi), who warns them that the moon is under the control of a race of alien cyborgs, which have been awaiting the opportunity to stage their invasion of Earth. The humans realize that desperate measures must be taken to halt the cyborgs’ departure from the moon — even if it ends in their own destruction.

Moontrap is presented for the first time in widescreen format with its original monaural soundtrack. It was remastered in HD by Olive Films in 2014 specifically for this release. 

Special Features:

  • New video Interview with Bruce Campbell and Walter Koenig
  • New video interview with director Robert Dyke and writer Tex Ragsdale
  • Audio commentary by Robert Dyke and Tex Ragsdale


New Anthology release of the Evil Dead franchise coming out in Australia/New Zealand November 26th.

Australia isn’t done with Necronomicon releases yet. This new 6 disc set  will include the original trilogy, the remake, and the recent Tom Sullivan documentary Invaluable. Click the link to pre-order your copy.

According to iHorror, the release will also feature Within the Woods.


"You really screwed the pooch on this one, Four Eyes."

I just really want a story arc where Herbert uses his reagent on the Necronomicon

Gotcha, didn’t I, you little sucker!

There’s something out there. That… that witch in the cellar is only part of it. It lives… out in those woods, in the dark… something… something that’s come back from the dead.

Covers for Army of Darkness #1 by Gabriel Hardman, Tim Seeley, Art Adams,Walter Flanagan and Jaw Shaw.