Anonymous sent: How do you feel about the new Evil Dead? I thought it was alright, but it didn't live up to the originals, which most remakes don't. I loved it's references to the originals though. Lovely blog, thanks for answering <3

I have a link in the blog’s FAQ where you can read my thoughts on the new film here. Thanks for the compliment, much appreciated. 

The website for Hail to the Deadites has now been updated.

The upcoming documentary’s website has added a bunch of brand new links including a store which you can visit here to buy the items that were available during the Indiegogo campaign. Click to the link to view the site above.


Mego style Ash from NECA. Out late May. 

(Image from @NECA_TOYS )

The Deadite Slayer vs. Ottawa Comiccon 2014

I am proud to announce that TDS will officially be covering the Ottawa Comiccon on May 11th! Surprises are in store and more will be announced closer to the event date.

If anyone is going to the event and is willing to volunteer for the site, feel free to send an email to  

Ever wondered what really happened on set? And what Sam and Bruce were really like? Oh and how Betsy Baker nearly died..? It’s all wrapped up in an interview with a difference…it was hell………. But who got out alive….?

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A good 18 minute video of The Evil Dead and Evil Dead 2 panel is now up. Uploaded by critterbuster. You can also watch Bruce get a couple married at the Vancouver Fan Expo here.


My crafty declaration of love for ‘The Evil Dead’, an altered Altoid miniature.

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The face of madness
Ash from the Evil dead series. More specifically, Evil dead 2.
That movie is crazy.

More Ash Gets Hitched covers by Francesco Francavilla, Stephanie Buscema and Arthur Suydam