More Ash Gets Hitched covers by Francesco Francavilla, Stephanie Buscema and Arthur Suydam

blue-drag replied to your photoset“Army of Darkness - behind the scenes”
Hey this looks new, is this from one of the DVDs?

It’s from Creating the Deadites. 

Army of Darkness - behind the scenes

Bruce Campbell poses for facial references needed for his Possessed Ash make-up in Evil Dead 2. 

Army of Darkness: Sam Raimi vs. the cast and crew.


When it came to shooting on the water, Sam Raimi and cameraman Tim Philo had to be creative to use a mechanism that would be able to do the trick. In the first scene over the pond specifically, the shot was accomplished by having Bruce Campbell push Sam Raimi in a dingy.

Steve Wang and his sculpture of Deadite Linda for Evil Dead 2.